We Win Together.

We Win Together.


emB/Race, Bleacher Report’s Black employee affinity group, designed a special merch collection to honor the Black Lives Matter mission with proceeds benefiting the Social Change Fund. This initiative (Social Change Fund) recently launched by Dwyane Wade, Chris Paul, and Carmelo Anthony, will support critical and timely issues impacting the Black community.

This Bleacher Report collection provides us all with a playbook on how to create a racially just world from court to concrete. See how emB/Race members are doing so.


To contribute directly to Social Change Fund, click the “Donate” button at the top of the page.



The world we live in was brought to change by individuals like John Lewis and other cherished civil rights legends who fought for justice. While they led us in the walk toward the betterment of society for decades, we all must now decide our role in today's struggle for change. Contributing to the social justice movement means being leaders where we stand now. There can't be hesitation to create or be the change we seek.

Be it on the court, in the street, or in our workplaces we all have room to use our voices, influence, or bodies to advocate for the rights of others. It is renewed actions in impactful spaces that ultimately improve society. While hope may linger during trying times,  it will not sustain the fight for a better world. Actions must be taken on all levels to improve the human and civil rights for all people.

— Rachel, Social Strategy Analyst

What does social justice mean to me? It means using any resource available to help further the push for equality among people.

What am I doing to contribute? Everything I can. Donating! Using my platform to share resources and information. Having conversations with my peers, friends and family on what we can do in our daily lives to contribute.

Social Justice is an on all the time thing for me as a Black person. How do we get to a place where we're all seen as equal. That's what I try to focus on.

— Meech, Social Producer

My idea of justice is arresting Breonna Taylor's killers. All of that magic society thinks—knows—we have, cannot magically bring her or the countless brothers and sisters we've lost in the hands of police brutality back. Project some of that magic back to us. Protect us like we protect...everyone. 

Justice is also providing a system where Black people can thrive. Society must dig up the roots of racism and push beyond it: completely reforming the current prison system, derailing the police force as we know it, providing education. A step in the right direction is investing in the Black community and seeing us as 5/5 of a human. Finally…

— Ari, HighlightHER Programming




Dwyane Wade serves as Creative Director for B/R where he oversees ideation and development for key content projects and brand initiatives. In his first creative collaboration with Bleacher Report, the 3x NBA champion and B/R have produced a video essay that highlights the voices of sports icons who have long been speaking out against racism and advocating for justice for all. And we stand with them. This essay shows that this moment is bigger than basketball - and we all owe it to the game to tell the whole story, on and off the court.  

So, support our athletes. Use your voices. Do what’s right. Get involved. And let’s #WinTogether—for everyone.